Hotel close to the Misano World Circuit "Marco Simoncelli"


Passion for a sport arises from random encounters. Sometimes, you breathe it at home; sometimes, you simpy hear the rumble of an engine, adrenaline arises, and you get overwhelmed by emotions!

Four-star hotel Atlantic Riviera is located close to the Misano World Circuit "Marco Simoncelli": it doesn't even take 5 minutes by car and 10 by bike. Guess how little it takes with a motorbike!

However, our passion for motors goes beyond our proximity to the MWC. Of course, the rumble carried by the wind during international and world races has had its impact, but ours is a shared and passed down family passion!

Due to our passion, we became partners and stokholders of the then so-called Santa Monica racetrack (in Italian: "Autodromo Santa Monica") way back in 1989. This name lasted from 1972, year of its first worldwide motorcycling competition, to 2006. In 2012, the circuit was named after the champion Marco Simoncelli.

Concretely, what does it mean to be a partner and to collaborate with the Misano Adriatico circuit? It means that you can share your passion for motors and develop it in different ways here with us!

For instance…

  • You’ve got the right motorbike and you want to go full speed? You just have to book one of the free speed trials at the Misano World Circuit. How many times have you dreamt of tilting your bike up to 60° as you enter a curve? Well, along the circuit there are 16 curves to test yourself on a 4226 meters long track. You could make a dream come true!
  • Your passion runs on 4 wheels?! If you love to tame the horsepower, sign up to the sport driving course, held on a 900 meters long and 9 meters wide racetrack. It will surely be a one of a kind and exciting experience that might help you become fully aware of your driving.
  • Do you love heavy vehicles, do you want to test yourself and feel confident while driving any vechicle (motorbikes, cars, vans, or trucks)? If the answer is yes, then the safe driving course works for you!
  • Grand Prix Truck, Superbike World Championship, Fanatec GT World Challenge, GT World Challenge, San Marino and Rimini coastline MotoGp; Coppa FMI; Coppa Italia; Campionato Italiano Velocità; Super Trofeo Lamborghini; Finali Mondiali Ferrari; Porsche Cup Swiss Championship: follow the most incredible and worldwide loved competitions!

Just focus on living your passion on wheels fully: Hotel Atlantic Riviera will take care of anything you need!

Having a partnership with the Misano Wolrd Circuit means:

  • We put a wide, handy, private parking at your disposal, so that you can safely leave your car or motorbike in the hotel's perimeter;
  • You can book or buy entry tickets to various events in our hotel;
  • If you love the backstage, we will organize a guided tour of the circuit, in order to discover its history and curiosities;
  • To reach the racetrack and come back, you can use our shuttle service, in order to avoid any queues or parking issues;
  • If you want to be one of the first to attend the trials or the competitions, we will arrange a rich, substantial, and tasty breakfast already at 6.00 AM!

Atlantic Riviera and Marco Simoncelli MWC: partners for more than 30 years!

In the 90s, Misano’s circuit grew in fame and numbers thanks to investitors who, like us, are first and foremost passionate about motors. During these last decades, a lot of satisfactions, emotions, and friendships bound to the racetrack took place here at the Atlantic Riviera Hotel!

Emotions and memories proudly displayed in a collection of pictures and autographs of many champions here in our hotel! Champions who have been guests and admired sportsmen first, and who have then become friends to support and to root for over the time!

The best AUDI pilots, or charming Gabriel Garko, testimonial for Ducati: these are just some of the people known in the world of motorsports and whom we had the honor to host and spoil. 

A place of honor surely goes to Kevin Schwantz, the American motorbike pilot who won the GP in the category 50 cc on board of his Suzuki in Misano in 1993. 
Courtesy, congeniality, willingness to shake hands, to give interviews and autographs to anybody who asked for, and great humanity made Kevin a real myth of motorcycling over the time, together with his gift of being an aggressive and funambulist rider. Due to his great friendship with Marco Simoncelli, Kevin Schwantz has often come back to Misano and to Atlantic Riviera, giving us the pleasure to call ourselves friends, other than fans!

The numbers of Misano World Circuit:

  • Pista Internazionale ("international track") with a 4226 meters long course, a 4048 meters short course, and 16 curves 
  • Brutapela Track, obtained after the realization of further connections, 986 meters long and with 7 curves
  • 3.5 Track, 3211 meters long with 9 curves, a racetrack with great visibility from the gallery
  • Arena Flat Track, an unpaved area with a from 235 to 755 meters long and from 8 to 15 meters wide track, a true reference point for Track Racing lovers and “off the road” trainings and competitions
  • Pista Prove ("trials track"), 827 meters long and 9,50 meters wide to feel true champions, which becomes a Pista Kart at night for other exciting tyre adventures. 


  • a paddock which extends to a 70.000 square meters wide area;
  • galleries able to hold 50.000 spectators;
  • 40.000 places on meadow;
  • a medical center 300 square meters wide.

Lastly, the MWC Square, a big meeting place for sport and cultural events, for presentations, to go shopping for technical equipment, to have an aperitif, or to rent an e-bike for a tour of the circuit.

Are you ready to live with us the “Marco Simoncelli” Misano World Circuit literally at 360 degrees?!

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